A Visit to the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park, Carlsbad, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Ranch in Carlsbad during June, 2020. I heard about it several months ago and couldn’t believe that after 10 years of living in San Diego I had never heard of it.

Leo Carrillo was an entertainer on Broadway, in films and became famous for playing ‘Pancho’ in the 1950’s TV Show ‘The Cisco Kid’.

Much more info at : https://carrillo-ranch.org/

WOW! What a gem! Beautiful grounds, citrus trees and of course the peacocks and peahens preening and chilling about (and vocalizing as well)!

Despite Covid-19, I wore my mask and socially distanced and it was definitely worth the trip.

Here are my photos of the trip.

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