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(San Diego, February 15, 2021) – Team VetPics Productions has produced a SAG short film project (15 min), Life After Oblivion for the Armed Forces Film Challenge through the Film Consortium San Diego, collaborating with So Say We All

The premiere is set for Thursday, February 25 at 7 pm PST and is part of the Armed Forces Film Challenge Virtual Screening in collaboration with So Say We All. Life After Oblivion is one of three films written and directed by military veterans. Mature content. Price: $6.00.

Link to purchase and view: (Click photo below)

Link for Premiere of “Life After Oblivion”

Featuring readings and Q&A’s from local creators.

The Armed Forces Film Challenge tells stories written and directed by military veterans and active-duty service members.

 Life After Oblivion was filmed at the Meadows Field Airport and the Wind Wolves Preserve in Bakersfield, California. There are 12 veterans associated with Life After Oblivion.

Due to the topics realistically portrayed, this film is intended for mature audiences.

The Armed Forces Film Challenge was a 60 Day challenge, (extended due to the coronavirus pandemic) during which Team VetPics selected one of several stories offered by the Challenge management, wrote a screenplay (by Tommy Anderson, Veteran), filmed (with 2 assigned elements and one optional element), directed and edited (by Floyd Strayer, Veteran) and submitted to the Challenge management.

Based on the Story Oblivion by Adam Stone

Susan Farese and Ryan Gangl - "Life After Oblivion" Production Still by Tommy Anderson
Susan Farese and Ryan Gangl – “Life After Oblivion” Production Still by Tommy Anderson.

The story chosen was Oblivion by Veteran Adam Stone through So Say We All. It is about a Marine Sniper returning from Afghanistan and the ghosts that come with him. It focuses on a singular event that tends to stick out amongst the many he has experienced. It stands out with Team VetPics as a phenomenal opportunity to show the world a snippet of what veterans struggle with when they return home.

About the Producing Team

The VetPics Productions team includes:

Floyd Strayer (Chula Vista, CA) ~ (Team Leader/ Producer/ Director/Veteran) works with Survivors of Suicide Loss in San Diego, supporting those that have loss to suicide.  He acts as the military and Veteran Chair to reach out to our veteran community offering our support. Daily, 22 veterans have struggled with PTSD, mental illness, depression or ghosts of some sort that drove them to take their own life. Twenty-two a day! Floyd’s IMDB

Tommy Anderson (Norco, CA) ~ Best-selling author and award-winning photographer/artist Tommy Anderson enjoys his role as a motivational speaker and Co-Host of “The Take it Back Show” with Tommy and Tina (Hargett) on the IQ Podcast Network in San Diego. An accomplished screenwriter and Producer on “Life After Oblivion”; a film based on his adapted screenplay from the short story by Adam Stone, Tommy is routinely cast as an actor in commercials, television, and film. Tommy is a founding member of Team VetPics which produced ‘Life after Oblivion”, a short film for the Armed Forces Film Challenge. Tommy”s IMDB.

Susan J. Farese (San Diego, CA) ~ (Producer/Casting/Publicist/Veteran) is the owner of SJF Communications PR and is a veteran Army and Navy Nurse; Susan is a filmmaker: (Producer, Casting Director and Publicist) as well as a SAG-AFTRA actor , writer/poet and photographer. Susan’s IMDB.

Shar Yonan (Bakersfield, CA) ~ (Producer/Location Scout) Shar is a film producer, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and later raised in Chicago. She studied Improv at Columbia College and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling and Therapy. After taking acting classes at Act I Studios in Chicago, she relocated to California. Shar was the Festival Director for the Beverly Hills Film Festival for five years and then she was involved in the  Bakersfield Out of the Box Film Festival where Veteran and disability feature films were showcased, notably  Inclusion Films, founded by Joey Travolta.  Shar is a strong supporter of Veterans and their stories. In 2016, Shar joined Global Edge Pictures as a producer, showcasing diversity and inspirational stories.  Shar is a strong child advocate, empowering foster youth to excel so that they can reach their fullest potential.  Shar is currently in the development stage of a number of feature films and continues to be a liaison for independent filmmakers, screenwriters and producers. Shar’s IMDB.

Sue Vicory (Mound City, KS) (Producer) is a three-time Telly Award winning filmmaker. Sue has been making films since 2003. Heartland Films, Inc., her non-profit production company was established to create films that inspire and educate. Sue has spoken on and moderated panels around the world including Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals. She is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors and has served as an Emmy judge both regionally and nationally. Sue’s IMDB.

Twelve veterans were involved in Life After Oblivion: production team, cast and crew, along with Adam Stone, writer of the story ‘Oblivion’.

Ryan Gangl and Elliott McKenzie – “Life After Oblivion” Production Still by Josh Conner
Elliott McKenzie, Ryan Gangl with Will McBride on boom.
“Life After Oblivion” Production Still by Josh Conner
Josh Conner, Will Dittrich, Will Hill and Keith Fingers Jr. with DP Joey Garza
“Life After Oblivion” Production Still by Tommy Anderson
Will Hill and Emmy Farese, Floyd Strayer in Background. –
“Life After Oblivion” Production Still by Josh Conner

The Music in Life After Oblivion

The song ‘Life After Oblivion’ sung by Tina Hargett and co-written and accompanied by Mark Ontiveros and Nick Tersio Ontiveros is featured on Spotify:

The background music is by Dead as Dillinger featuring Roman Terenzini, Adrian Byers, Mike Garritson and Matt Novack.

Social Media for Life After Oblivion

Life After Oblivion Facebook page:

Life After Oblivion IMDB page:

Montage Video – Day 1- Life After Oblivion

This video is a photo montage from day one of our film shoot.

The Cast of Life After Oblivion

The cast of Life After Oblivion includes: Ryan Gangl: Phil (Sniper); Elliott McKenzie: Jeff (Spotter); Kyle Brody: Afghan Boy/Sniper’s Son;   Susan Farese: Dr. Silvia Ricci; Emmy Farese: Libby; Chase Dittrich: Marine #1; Keith Fingers, Jr.: Marine #2; Will Hill: Marine #3; Josh Conner: Marine #4: Janey Hann: Phil’s (Sniper’s) wife; Tom Anderson: Phil’s Father; La Contessa Miller: Libby’s Mother; Joseph Lloyd: Libby’s Father; Miguel Montoya: Libby’s Boyfriend/Utility Stand-In; Johnitta Clemons: Jeff’s (Spotter’s) Mother; Shar Yonan: Marine #1’s Wife; Tina Hargett: Mother of Marine #3; Robert Hargett: Father of Marine #3; Sheila Mauck: Wife of Marine #4.

The Crew of Life After Oblivion

The Life After Oblivion local Bakersfield crew is led by Joey Garza and includes Patrick HaynesKeith Fingers, Jr.Will McBride and Miguel Montoya and Tiffany Wennihan.

Recent Awards/Nominations (as of 1/25/2021)

Winner: Niagara Falls Indie Film Fest (Poster), Indie Short Fest November, 2020 (Short Script), Big Sur (Screenplay)

Certificate of Achievement (Screenplay): IndieX Film Fest (Short Script), Independent Shorts Awards (Screenplay and Film, November 2020), Indie Short Fest (Short Script), Indie Short Fest (Original Song)

Honorable Mention: Phoenix Short Film Festival (Short Script)

Semi-Finalist: Los Angeles International Film Festival Indie Short Fest (Screenplay December 2020)

Nominee: IndieX Film Festival (Short Screenplay), Independent Shorts (Script), Indie Short Fest December (Short), Venice Short Film Awards (Script)

Official selection: Armed Forces Film Challenge (2020), Indie Short Fest (Screenplay 2020, Film, January 2021), Phoenix Monthly Short Film (Screenplay), Big Sur Film Festival (2021), Vegas Shorts (Screenplay, January 2021), Venice Shorts Film Awards (Screenplay), Paris International Short Festival (Best Music in Short)

More photos from Life After Oblivion

Ryan Gangl, Elliott McKenzie, Josh Conner , Emmy Farese, Chase Dittrich and Will Hill
“Life After Oblivion” – Photo by Susan J. Farese

Joey Garza, Floyd Strayer, Elliott McKenzie, Ryan Gangl
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

Josh Conner, Sheila Mauck, Shar Yonan and Chase Dittrick
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

Joseph Lloyd, La Contessa Miller, Emmy Farese & Miguel Montoya
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

Tina Hargett, Will Hill & Robert Hargett
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

Keith Fingers, Jr. and Patrick Haynes
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

Patrick Haynes, Keith Fingers, Jr. and Joey Garza
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

Cast of “Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

Joseph Lloyd, Emmy Farese & La Contessa Miller
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

Joseph Lloyd, La Contessa Miller & Emmy Farese
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Tommy Anderson

Janey Hann, Kyle Brody & Miguel Montoya
“Life After Oblivion” Photo by Susan J. Farese

In summary:

Team VetPics hopes to help bring awareness and remove the stigma around PTSD and suicide to provide hope and encouragement to those in need with Life After Oblivion.

“The ghosts of the battlefield last longer than the war itself”

– Tommy Anderson

Ticket link for the February 25th Screening Premiere through Film Consortium San Diego and So Say We All::

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