Coronavirus Coping & Conflict – A Poem & Video

Coronavirus Coping & Conflict

A Poem By

Susan J. Farese, SJF Communications

My poem Coronavirus, Coping & Conflict is published in the new anthology ‘Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus‘ (Edited by G. Cuddy). Featuring 150+ Poets of the World. Now available on Amazon. Proceeds from sales of the poetry anthology will benefit Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders.

‘Coronavirus, Coping & Conflict”

by Susan J. Farese

Coronavirus, Covid-19 – a Global Pandemic


We shelter in place

Quarantine. Isolate.

Hair turns colors and grows longer

Food gets scarcer

Tempers may flare (then subside)

Our kids are not themselves, we are not ourselves, our partners are not themselves

We watch news conferences (yet they STILL aren’t 6 feet apart, hands continue to touch the podium)!

Positive tests. Numbers mounting. Lack of equipment. Unsure of treatment.

Health care providers of all specialties and levels without PPE! Their lives also at risk!

Flatten the curve.

Online learning. Zoom meetings and classes. Don’t go here. Don’t go there.

Milestones missed…Proms unheard of. Graduations rescheduled. Stores closing.

Deaths mounting. Deaths looming? Unnecessary deaths!

Is this the new normal or merely the abnormal?

We wait and watch and wonder and hope…

Will this all be resolved? WHEN?

We are unaware

We are uncertain

We get anxious

We are stressed!

Why are we uncertain?

Why aren’t we aware?

Why all this stress?

Delayed preparation?

An Oxymoron!


Quarantine. Isolate.

We shelter in PLACE!


Coronavirus, Covid-19 – A Global Pandemic!

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