In Awe of Gorillas…at the San Diego Zoo!

I can spend hours watching the gorillas at the San Diego Zoo!

I do!

With my Keeper’s Club Pass, I get to visit both the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park on a regular basis.

More about membership levels HERE

Each time I visit either park, I like to observe what happening with the gorillas…

They never cease to amaze me with their facial expressions, grimaces and

poses, as well as their playful & peaceful – yet powerful nature.

They demonstrate fascinating manual dexterity with objects in their hands.

Last week I visited the zoo but an hour before closing.

Now that summer is over, it wasn’t as crowded.

Here are some photos from that day.

As always, their captivating behavior was amazing to watch!















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  1. Hi Susan!

    We will soon be pursuing p.r. for the Actors Alliance and the SD Performing Arts League who will soon be joining forces. Let me know if you are avail and interested. Patricia

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