Spotlight: Extraordinary People


 Spotlight: Extraordinary People Sharing their Stories


I have been fortunate to know and admire many extraordinary people. They come from all walks of life. Some are creative, some are scientific, some just have a special “something”.

In this day and age, with so much going on and so much distraction…so many choices…hurried pace…competition…stress.. etc., we need positive role models that have an impact on their world and ultimately on our world.

There are qualities that set these “extraordinary people” apart:

Zest…vigor…warrior spirit…having purpose….exploring new horizons…taking that first step into the unknown…giving back…re-inventing one’s self…coping through devastating circumstances.

I can go on and on…

I plan to highlight and aim the “spotlight” on some of these individuals in posts on this page of my blog as well as individual posts.


Here are the latest Extraordinary People Interviewed. Click on each photo (or the link below it) to read the interview!






Courtesy of Jeeyoon Kim

Mastering Keys with Engaging Virtuosity: Classical Pianist Jeeyoon Kim

Filmmaker and Humanitarian Sue Vicory:



Alyssa Goodman, Ph. D.; Photo by Jen Chang
Alyssa Goodman, Ph. D.; Photo by Jen Chang

 Alyssa Goodman, Ph.D. Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University

Alyssa Goodman, Ph.D.:


Susan Lisovicz
Susan Lisovicz

Susan Lisovicz, Journalist:


Erica McDermott
Erica McDermott


Sharon Slosarik, Fierce Warrior, Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor

Sharon Slosarik, Fierce Pink Warrior:

Guitarist Laurence Juber; Photo by Susan Farese, SJF Communications 2014

Guitarist Laurence Juber: