Hike ~ Wall Street Mill Trail at Joshua Tree National Park (Video)

We enjoyed a great drive through much of the Joshua Tree National Park, and discovered an interesting ‘flat’ hike with our family ~ the Wall Street Mill Trail (adjacent to the Barker Dam Trail). The trail (approx. 4200 elevation and about 2 miles round trip) houses a historic gold ore crushing mill and stamp mill. The mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Read more about the mill here:

Here’s a short video with photos from our hike!

The Wall Street Trail is home to many Joshua trees! Walking the trail was a bit sandy in places (the sand in our shoes had to be emptied after our hike). We saw authentic relics like rusty old cars, a windmill and the stamp mill.

Oh, I almost forgot, there’s a grave marker acknowledging a 1943 violent land dispute, where land owner Bill Keys shot and killed Worth Bagley who wanted access to the water. Bill Keys wound up in San Quentin prison for several years, but was pardoned due to self-defense!

The memorial states:

‘Here is where Worth Bagley bit the dust at the hand of W.F.Keys. May 11, 1943’.

More info about

Joshua Tree National Park:

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