BR McDonald Interviews Susan Farese – Veteran Artist Program Podcast Episode 36


Susan J. Farese, SJF Communications

Episode 36:
Susan Farese
Getting back to her creative side

I am a former Navy and Army Nurse (Major) with both masters and bachelors degrees in Nursing, as well as a  creative veteran artist with past and present experience in a variety of the creative arts. From dance lessons as a young child into my teens, drama/theatre and chorus in high school and college, and most recently acting, author of a poetry book (and other poetry and Haiku) and photography.

I realized in this interview, however, that I suppressed much of my creativity in the arts while in the military except for choreography. Interesting to say the least!

I was recently interviewed by Brian ‘BR’ McDonald for the Veteran Artist Program Podcast. We had a very interesting and enlightening discussion about veterans and the arts and I am thrilled to share it here below at SJF Communications!

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The purpose of the Veteran Artist Program is …

“To foster, encourage and promote veterans in the arts. This podcast serves as your destination to learn about the artists, leaders and organizations making a difference in the veteran artist community.”

Susan Farese’s Bio

BR’s Bio: After receiving a vocal performance degree, BR decided to enlist in the Army after the tragedy of September 11th. BR became an Arabic linguist and served as an operator in the Joint Special Operations Command. After many combat deployments, BR set out to create the Veteran Artist Program, a space for veterans in the arts. Now after 5 successful years, BR will tell the stories of the talented veterans and artists who are transforming the creative arts community.

Here is the poem I read on the podcast that was published in ‘O Dark Thirty’ in 2015:

We hope you enjoy our interview!

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