“Susan Farese joined San Diego Musical Theatre as a Board Member and quickly became a dedicated and valuable asset as a volunteer  as well as PR & Marketing Director at SDMT. She always was searching for new and innovative ideas as to how to help SDMT to expand and build our marketing and communications. Ask Susan to do something and it was done. Always upbeat and positive, Susan is a people person which is very important when working with people in various capacities.” – Erin Lewis

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Erin Lewis, Producer, Founder & President, San Diego Musical Theatre

“Susan was my mentor throughout my Fall 2016 semester at San Diego State University. Having Susan mentor me was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made. She has propelled me to reach new levels of my potential and widen my understanding about the communications field. Susan is a wonderful asset to any student, individual or agency and I could not recommend her wisdom enough. I am blessed with the opportunity to know her and have her as my mentor”.- Alexandra Talaro

Testimonial for SJF Communications via San Diego State University (SDSU) Communications Student Alexandra Talaro

“Susan Farese wrote a thoroughly delightful blog post chronicling my journey through middle age and beyond. She asked fun and thought provoking questions and included great images to support the story with links to all things important. It’s certainly one of the most accurately written web articles I’ve had told about my journey in the past 10 years. She is a gifted PR/Marketer”. -Sue Vicory

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Filmmaker, Producer/Director and all things My Power of One: Sue Vicory

“I felt great after my interview with Susan, she really knows how to talk to people & because of this natural skill she effortlessly got a great conversation going. The questions she asked me were different & thought provoking.” – Erica McDermott

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Actress Erica McDermott


“Susan proved to be an invaluable resource for our production of A Piece of My Heart at North Coast Rep. Her experience as a veteran and nurse provided our young actors with the authenticity that was needed to bring their characters to life”. -Siobhan Sullivan Crews
Testimonial for SJF Communications via Theatre Director/Actress Siobhan Sullivan Crews

“Our seven successful performances of Golda’s Balcony in San Diego and Palm Desert didn’t happen in a vacuum. In addition to our cast (Francine!) and crew, we had tremendous support from numerous others… In San Diego our P.R. consultant, Susan Farese and her company SJF Communications did an incredible job of getting the word out including coverage in major media. Her exceptional professionalism is greatly appreciated by all”.   – Jay Kholos, November 12, 2015

Testimonial for SJF Communications from Producer/Director Jay Kholos, Orchard Street Productions

“Susan Farese was absolutely vital to helping launch my performing career on the West Coast. I moved here from the East Coast, and despite success there, struggled to break in to the San Diego scene on my own. After just one session with Susan, I walked away with so much insider knowledge that would have taken me years to gain alone, including (1) the who’s who of theaters, artistic directors (+contact info), auditions, vocal coaches, and dance classes, (2) key recommendations on how, and with whom to network, and (3) invaluable advice on headshots and resume content. Susan really knows her stuff and will fill you in on everything you don’t know. After following her advice, I met all the right people, and after only a few months started to see major results, both in my skills (because of great coaching) and performance opportunities (started getting cast in professional shows). On top of it all, Susan is an absolute delight , she’s extremely supportive and truly cares about her clients. What are you waiting for?” – Alex Nemiroski, 12/5/16

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Alex Nemiroski