“I learned so much about the world of publicity from Susan Farese of SJF Communications!  She created a beautiful website for me, provided advice, introductions and encouragement as I moved forward with my next career steps!  She is a real champion for her clients and has a way of opening doors. I highly recommend her expertise, compassion and stellar work ethic. I truly enjoyed working with Susan, she is a gem!”

Julie Burke, PhD, IP Quality Pro LLC, registered patent agent, author and speaker

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Julie Burke, PhD, IP Quality Pro LLC, registered patent agent, author and speaker

“Susan Farese of SJF Communications was highly recommended to me and she did not disappoint. I was a fledgling author who needed help promoting a first book and had no idea how to proceed. She was patient and kind, guiding me every step of the way of how to  promoting through Amazon and various other book distributors. 

She also wrote and promoted ads on the necessary websites that was of great benefit while posting about the book on her own site.

Susan was always available day or night with promotion ideas and notified me when articles about the book appeared and how to amplify those. As an author herself, she knew exactly how to help me clarify my message.

Her nursing background was especially advantageous since my book was more about science and nutrition.  Susan helped me write copy for my own website, LinkedIn, and Amazon material more clearly and distinctly.

There was an immediate response to the ads she helped place and she was responsive to fine-tuning the ads as we progressed. My followers and media presence increased significantly.

She will make my next book so much easier as I look forward to working with her again”.

Sheldon Zablow, MD

Nutritional psychiatrist/author 

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Sheldon Zablow, MD, Nutritional Psychiatrist

“I cannot endorse Susan J. Farese highly enough. It was truly a miracle that I found her since I was hopeless at pretty much all social media platforms. Not only was she a joy to work with, but her work was always professional and timely. During our two months’ work together, she assisted me in countless essential social media platform ways:

• She designed and maintained an extensive data base for my screenplay marketing contacts

• She coached me on how to set up and use LinkedIn, Twitter, google sheets, Email templates, Canva for logo graphics, Word Press website administration, share screening and hosting, as well as creating virtual backgrounds on Zoom.

• She was invaluable in editing and proofreading numerous query documents.

I can’t thank her enough for her diligent, trustworthy and exceptional skills as a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Consultant and Publicist. I give her the highest recommendation possible”.

Simone Yehuda, Ph.D.
Poet, Playwright, Screenwriter

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Simone Yehuda, Screenwriter, Playwright, Poet

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Simone Yehuda, Screenwriter, Playwright, Poet

“Susan was my mentor through AMP (Aztec Mentor Program) for the past year. Through our time together, she has been an outstanding career mentor. She helped me search for jobs, update my resume, and update my LinkedIn page.

She has helped me with my confidence and helped hone my interview skills. She is well-researched, supportive, and very adept with remote mentoring. I am more than grateful for everything Susan has done and for her direction throughout remote learning and working. Her mentoring has helped me to utilize all the resources at my disposal to find a job after my graduation in December 2021 from San Diego State University.” – Sydney Weill

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Sydney Weill, SDSU Student/Mentee, English Major, Graduated, December 2021

“SJF Communications was delightful to work with. Susan dug in deep to help us find the right audience for our message. Her work was top notch — professional and engaging. With her support, we were able to get our storytellers in front of an international audience,” co-editor of the men’s mental health anthology Guts, Grit & The Grind, Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D.”

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D., Professional Speaker, Podcaster & Impact Entrepreneur and Co-Editor of Guts, Grit & The Grind

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Sally Spencer-Thomas, Psy.D.

“Susan is an amazing publicist. She has so many skills, but if she doesn’t know how to do something, she will learn. And fast. She is great at Troubleshooting and she is very connected to people in the media. I highly recommend her.”

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Sherrie Miranda, Author

“I took Susan Farese’s Haiku Class in a time when we may be a bit “stale”.  Being confined at home has dulled the feelings.  I am not a writer or that creative. What Susan’s class did for me was awaken my senses.  I was able to tap into some happy and sad moments in my haiku.  It was cathartic, enlightening and extremely engaging. I left the class feeling more appreciative of the world and very proud of myself!   I will continue to write Haiku as it doesn’t take a lot of time and it is fun!  Susan was able to influence me with techniques that will stay with me forever.”

-Karen De Arana

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Karen De Arana

“I really enjoyed your Haiku class and thought it was really informative! I had so much fun creating my first Haikus thanks to you! I did not think I could do it but your expertise and support really helped. What a fun way to spend my Saturday afternoon. Thank you so much. I am going to keep writing Haikus. You have sparked an interest for me! Thank you!”

-Ann Stowe

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Ann Stowe

“Susan is an incredible mentor who really takes the time and effort to get to know her students on a personal level. She has made legitimate investment in my personal success and I cannot rave enough about her guidance and level of aptitude.”

-Julien des Pres

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Julien des Pres, SDSU Student/ Mentee, Public Relations Major

“Susan has been my mentor at SDSU for the past 2 years that I have been at SDSU. Susan is phenomenal when it comes to any assistance with career planning, life questions, medical and so much more. With Susan as my mentor, I was able to establish a successful plan on how to juggle a fast paced life with school and work. Thank you Susan for all your time and help! It has been a pleasure.”

-Tiffany Kongmanivong

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Tiffany Kongmanivong, SDSU Student/Mentee (Public Health (Pre-Pharmacy)

“Susan Farese has been great to work with, both as my publicist and as a friend. We shared many productive and enjoyable sessions as we prepared my book launch for The Dance Centre Presents Giselle. Then the pandemic hit and I had to pull back for financial reasons. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a terrific networking person!”

-Chi Varnado, Author, ‘The Dance Centre Presents’ Book Series

Testimonial for SJF Communications – Via Chi Varnado, Author, ‘The Dance Centre Presents’ Book Series

“Susan J. Farese and her public relations firm https://sjfcommunications.com is truly unstoppable. I have had the pleasure to work with Susan for just over two years with her doing public relations for my Amazon Best Seller “Haboob Wind”, along with my speaking and book signing events. Susan also developed my website “thetommyanderson.com” and I love it. She set up my blog, monitored my tweets, Facebook authors Page, press releases, photos, video, and also my Instagram account. I could list her many accomplishments for me as a publicist and now as a friend as well. I highly recommend Susan for any of your public relations needs. Susan is a bull dog (in a good way) when she represents you and you have little to worry about with her guiding your way through this maze of social media, press, and events”.

-Tommy Anderson, Author/Screenwriter/Speaker and Podcast Host

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Tommy Anderson, Author/ Screenwriter/Speaker/ Podcast Host

“Susan has been a pleasure to work with and made a difference in so many students’ lives as a mentor. She is approachable, personable and goes above and beyond to connect with students where they are at. We appreciate her participation in the Aztec Mentor Program over the years”

– Diane Marin, Alumni and Career Development and Aztec Mentor Program, San Diego State University

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Diane Marin, Alumni and Career Development and Aztec Mentor Program, San Diego State University

“Susan J. Farese of SJF Communications is simply the best! If you want to work with someone who believes in your project as if it was her own, then Susan is the person you want to hire.  From the moment I met Susan, I knew that she would become one of the best collaborators I have worked with—she asked great questions, she listened intently, and then offered a wealth of ideas about what we needed to accomplish and how we would be successful in getting it done.  Susan recently designed and launched my new website – patriciageistmartin.com and facilitated my navigating and utilizing it. Even more, Susan is a sleuth—she investigates and finds some of the best avenues for promoting your work.  Not only did I find the best marketing and PR person in Susan, she has become a friend that I look forward to working with in my next project”.

-Patricia Geist-Martin, Ph.D.

– Testimonial for SJF Communications via Patricia Geist-Martin, Ph.D., Professor Emerita in the School of Communication at San Diego State University. Her research examines the stories people tell in making sense of their lives, particularly in their journeys through health and illness. Falling in Love with the Process: Cultivating Resilience in Health Crises: A Stroke Survivor’s Story (2020), is Dr. Geist-Martin’s fifth book.

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Patricia Geist-Martin, Ph.D.

“Susan was instrumental in getting my moms book noticed. She spent four months arranging speaking platforms and book signings and really elevated the “appearance” of the book giving it legs that it didn’t have already. We are grateful for the guidance and the exposure that Susan shared with us.” 

-Joshua Carr, LimonCarr Desert Theatricals

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Joshua Carr, LimonCarr Desert Theatricals

“Susan Farese took me up on being my mentor during my fourth year at SDSU. From the first meeting to the last, she was an intelligent go-getter who immediately wanted to know my goals and how I planned to achieve them. Throughout my mentorship with her, she encouraged me not only in the academic field, but in the personal field as well. She got to know me and learned what made me tick, which helped immensely when classes became difficult. She focused not just on academics but on careers as well. Thanks to her, I was able to intern at the San Diego Zoo as a bus tour guide, which became my current job. She is a fantastic role model and someone I am honored to call my mentor. I wouldn’t have graduated with as much ease nor perseverance without her.”

-Testimonial for SJF Communications via Delaney Heil, Bus Tour Guide at San Diego Zoo Global; SDSU Grad: BA in Journalism and Media Studies, Emphasis in Public Relations, & Mentee, Aztec Mentor Program

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Delaney Heil, Bus Tour Guide (San Diego Zoo Global), Graduate, San Diego State University (SDSU), & Mentee, Aztec Mentor Program

“I was a novice about to launch my self-help book, when I was referred to Susan Farese of #sjfcommunications to spearhead my public relations efforts. From our first meeting, I was impressed with her energy, warm spirit, and passion. Susan was patient with my lack of knowledge of promotion, helping me create a media presence that both complemented my style and maximized my exposure in print, radio, television, and appearances at bookstores and libraries. Susan also took photos and created informative and entertaining videos of my appearances. She has a steady work ethic and a supportive enthusiasm, which made me feel seen and appreciated. She competently steered the boat and taught me how to maintain a presence on social media. I am very grateful to have had Susan at the helm and I highly recommend #sjfcommunications as a public relations consultant”.

-Vincentia Schroeter, PhD, Author, Communication Breakthrough

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Psychotherapist, Author, Motivational Speaker, Artist ~ Vincentia Schroeter, Ph. D.