Sue Vicory/Heartland Films, Inc. Executive Produces “Panic at Parq” Parody Film

Tribute to Jodi Cilley, Founder, Film Consortium San Diego – Premiering October 21, 2020 on KOCT TV

San Diego film community sets out to pay tribute and leave some good in the community
San Diego film community sets out to pay tribute and leave some good in the community- Courtesy photo

Susan J. Farese, SJF Communications

(San Diego, CA  October 7, 2020) – It all began as a ‘Lemon Bar Meetup” social event in January, 2020 over lemon bars at Milton’s Deli in Del Mar, California which led to a “Lemon Bar Mystery Film” casting call with over 50 people – actors (or would be actors) and crew attending.

The “Lemon Bar Mystery Film” ultimately transformed into a new parody short film Panic at Parq, Executive Produced by Sue Vicory and Heartland Films, Inc.

“Panic at Parq” Poster designed by Stephanie Tillman
Jodi Cilley, Founder, Film Consortium San Diego

Jodi Cilley, Founder, Film Consortium San Diego

Panic at Parq is a tribute to Jodi Cilley, Founder of the Film Consortium San Diego. The seventeen-minute parody will have a world premiere on KOCT TV on October 21, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time and will be aired on KOCT Channel 18 at 6:30pm on weekdays and Saturdays and at 7:30pm on Sundays between Wednesday, October 21st and Sunday November 1st. It be available to watch at these times on both Cox Cable Channel 18 & on Channel 18’s Live Stream via for those without Cox.

Left to right: Kymberrly Scott, Shannon Taylor, Joe Castanho, Jordan Jacobo,
Sue Vicory, David S. Dawson, Oscar Perez, Keith Russell
“Panic at Parq” production still photo credit: Luly’s Enchanted Pixels

The parody was directed by Sue Vicory and David S. Dawson of Intellexual Entertainment, and produced by Susan J. Farese of SJF Communications and Lori Morkunas Jones. Advising Producer was Francine Filsinger and Assistant Producer was Marci Krown.

Ron Christopher Jones
“Panic at Parq” production still photo credit: Luly’s Enchanted Pixels

The writing team included Jordan Jacobo  as Head Writer/Screenplay, and Assistant Writers Lisa Bruhn, David S. Dawson, Doug Lito, Marie Malham, Michelle Malham and Shannon Taylor.

Ken Gora
“Panic at Parq” production still photo credit: Luly’s Enchanted Pixels

Filming locations for Panic at Parq included KOCT Studios in Oceanside, California, the Parq Nightclub in Downtown, San Diego, California and third shooting location at the home of Merrick McCartha and Peggy Warny in the Los Angeles area.

Joe Castanho
“Panic at Parq” production still photo credit: Luly’s Enchanted Pixels

During Production the cast and crew completed a community based act of kindness, giving blood at the annual Kyle Kraska Celebration of Heroes  blood drive, led by Lori Morkunas Jones.

“Making a film in San Diego is both a pleasure and an honor working with so many talented cast and crew. Although a parody, this film is also a love letter to Jodi Cilley, President and founder of the San Diego Film Consortium.”

Sue Vicory, Executive producer/Co-Director/Actor

“San Diego has a talented and diverse group of filmmakers who relentlessly pursue their passion for the art form. Just before the pandemic shut down nearly the entire industry, a large sample of this creative body came together to create a loving tribute to Jodi Cilley, the founder of Film Consortium San Diego and unintentionally to themselves. This fun little film is a delightful piece of comedy that highlights the strange beauty of artists battling deadlines, creative differences and the mind-boggling diversity of talents that creative people bring to the table.”

David S. Dawson, Co-Director/Editor/Actor

“The challenge was to write a short film that included the majority of the San Diego film community, which is extensive. I think my writing team and I found a very clever way in which to do that.

Jordan Jacobo, Lead Writer

“It was an honor organizing our film community to help with Kyle Kraska’s annual blood drive.  To know that our efforts and blood donations went to save lives is a wonderful feeling.”

Lori Morkunas Jones, Producer/ Blood Drive Organizer

Panic at Parq Synopsis:

When all the acts for the San Diego Film Awards suddenly become unavailable, the production team is tasked with finding replacements at the very last minute.  Fearing the wrath of the show’s head honcho, the squabbling band of producers is forced to put aside their differences long enough to secretly audition replacement acts; but when nearly every performer in San Diego responds to their casting-call, they quickly realize just how in-over-their-heads they truly are.

Panic at Parq Logline:

A squabbling band of producers is forced to book last-minute talent for an awards show, all under their boss’s nose.

Left to right: John Aviles, Teresa Suarez Grosso, Lizet Benrey, & Randy Davison
“Panic at Parq” production still photo credit: Luly’s Enchanted Pixels

Additional Production Team and Crew:  Cinematographers: Aram Khachaturyan & Oscar Perez; Editor: David S. Dawson; Assistant Editor: Whitney Wegman-Wood; Casting Director/Publicist: Susan J. Farese; Makeup: John Aviles; Assistant Director: Kymberrly Scott; Second Assistant Director: Heidi Bridges; Sound: Frank Forth; Boom Operator: Bryan Keith Davis; Still Photographer: Lourdes Araiza Beltran; Composer: Alejandro Castro; Performer: Doug Lito; Talent Wrangler: Emmy Farese.

Lexsy McCowen & Frank Forth
“Panic at Parq” production still photo credit: Luly’s Enchanted Pixels

Cast: Shannon Taylor; Jordan Jacobo; David S. Dawson; Sue Vicory; Joe Castanho; Peggy Warny; Merrick McCartha; Carly Starr Brullo-Niles; Keith Russell; Ken Gora; Cristyn Chandler; Frank Forth; Mark Atkinson; Whitney Wegman-Wood; Larry Poole; Bryon Harrington; Lee DiBernardo; Ruben Chato Hinojosa, Jr.; Mark Allyn; Julie Clemmons; Doug Lito; Martin Gomez; Jen Allen; Lori Jones; Caroline Amiguet; John Aviles; Lizet Benrey; Connie Chiarelli; Albert Sylvero; Jack Emmel; Anthony Maze; Randy Davison; Em Ozaki; Lexsy McCowen; Brooke McCormick; Mickey Faerch; Ron Christopher Jones; Isabel Canzoneri; Teresa Suarez Grosso; Teri Wilder; Luke DePron; Jamie Henkin; Allie Lennox; Dimitri Greene.

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