We Captured Our Creativity With Haiku (for Workplace Wellness) at SDSU!

I was thrilled to be invited by San Diego State University Communications Professor Patricia Geist-Martin, Ph.D., to present a virtual (Zoom) shortened session of Capturing Your Creativity With Haiku to her upper level undergraduate course – COM 428 class: Communicating Workplace Wellness.

This was on December 8th, one of the last days of the Fall, 2020 semester (and of course during the current challenging pandemic).

We started with Dr. Geist-Martin introducing me, followed by my brief bio, PowerPoint presentation and photos to encourage writing. The students had the choice of writing from several different prompts i.e. one of the photos that I showed to them, the best day in your life, or worst day in your life, pandemic related stress, love, nature, seasonal, etc.

What a wonderful afternoon! It was amazing how quickly the students formed their haiku! They were so attentive, enlightening . The session was interactive via audio or adding their haiku or questions or comments to the chat area. I added some suggestions with a few haiku…

Capturing Your Creativity with Haiku

Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN, SJF Communications

SDSU COM 428 – 12.8.2020 

Love is happiness

The warmth and security

everlasting comfort!


SJF suggestion: last line can be changed to: comfort, everlast!

The cold breeze is strong,

the sun falls behind the cliffs,

winter has begun


Lookout the window

Snow is falling from the sky

The candle brings warmth


Ninety days and night

Future grown in the sunlight,

Early retirement found.


SJF suggestion:
Last line can be changed to: retire early? (with ? at the end)

Red nose, cooling breeze

 Hot cocoa warming cold hands

 Nights bring colored lights


Workplace wellness is

Communication together

Thanks for your effort


SJF suggestion: 2nd line could be:
people/persons/students (either) communicating

Though we are deprived

I find myself healing with

You. Hope you stay well.


SJF suggestion: 2nd line can be : I find that I heal with you (7- heal is one syllable!)

SJF suggestion: 3rd line can be: I hope you stay well

I met you thank god

 gently adventurous, you are

 breeze to my summer


SJF suggestion: 2nd line can be: gentle, adventurous you

Family is here,

sitting around the fire pit,

this is Christmas time


SJF suggestion: 2nd line can be: sits around the fire pit

Morning desert light

First show the sun will put on today

Cold breeze turns to heat

– Gladys

SJF suggestion: 2nd line can be: first show sun puts on today

Whistle of the wind,

my soul flutters through the sky,

 seeking peace in mind

– Kayla

The blissful nature,

 calms my wandering mind

 that comforts my soul


SJF suggestion: 2nd line can be: calms down my wandering mind

Staring at my love

Under a sky full of stars

Will you marry me?


Looking out to see

Something new in my landscape

To transform my life


Inside is raging

Silently hoping for change

Awaken what’s lost


What an amazing afternoon! Thank you to Dr. Patricia Geist-Martin for inviting me and for the students for participating!

Information about our Haiku workshops: https://sjfcommunications.com/upcoming-haiku-workshops/

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