Magnificent Sunset Cliffs – Despite the May Grays

It’s that time again in San Diego…The marine layer is proudly beaming lately and we kid about it as ‘May Gray’.

I visited Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma on May 21st and was delighted with such natural beauty there…

Take a gander at these photos.

Not a sunny day, but I still witnessed gorgeous rock formations, caves, wildflowers and waves…

YES: #artinnature, #natureasart!


May Gray Gazing


Susan J. Farese

Dreary May gray skies

Chilly, damp, the winds shall blow

But stunning photos!

The Rock Just Juts!
The Cave Awaits!
A Pier Shall Appear!
Look…Up on the Cliff..It’s an Osprey!
Purple Wildflowers Atop a Cliff!



A View to Long For!
Wondrous Cave!


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