SJF Communications Q & A with Chyna Whyne – Question 6: What Are Your Top Three Values in Life? (Audio File)

Photo by Jen Jenny B. Photography 2016 – Courtesy of Chyna Whyne

Here is question 6 of our SJF Communications Q & A with Chyna Whyne, explaining her top 3 values in life. Chyna, born in Great Britain and living and thriving in Jamaica, is an inspiring Entrepreneur, Recording Artist, Alexander Technique Teacher, Model, Speaker, Author, Spa Owner and more.

Question 6 is: What are your top three values in life?

Have a listen to Chyna!

Please note: Chyna’s answers to Questions 1-4 previously appeared here: with questions 1-4:

1. Tell us about your choice to be a professional singer/songwriter and your new album release
2. What experiences and/or people (parents, role models etc) in your life influenced you the most and why?
3. What have been the three most memorable experiences as a performer/model
4. Tell us about the Alexander Technique 

If you missed Chyna’s answers to Question 5, here is the link!:

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