Creative Coronavirus Coping Concepts and Ideas – 10 Tips

As we are all probably aware, the recent situation and news is all about preventing and dealing with the devastating effects of the novel Coronavirus and Covid-19 and positive thoughts and concern for the front line health care workers working with infected patients.

How are we all doing? Staying healthy? Are we helping to ‘flatten the curve’? Washing hands more frequently? Being cognizant of and seriously practicing ‘social distancing’ or ‘physical distancing’? Shaking our heads every once in awhile when we hear the news reports and numbers of positive coronavirus tests, Covid-19 cases and unfortunately sad accounts of death numbers rising?

I’m thinking about you!

Is this truly a paradigm shift for us?

If you’re parents of young, middle grade, high school or college-aged kids…how are you coping with things? You know, lesson plans, zoom learning, kids and young adults struggling to be non-social despite their affinity to others? Us too? Come on, be truthful. I’m thinking about you!

If you’re a creative (visual, performing, literary artist), how is it going for you? Any new ideas percolating? Do you have online presence? Have you been tweaking your website or social media or branding campaigns? Are you actively promoting or selling your work? Are you watching shows or movies while isolating? Working with an online coach or mentor?

What about those of you who usually work in an office or other outside establshment? How are you coping?

Has the financial change of late affected you? Have you taken steps to notify billing (household payments, utilities, assocations, healthcare etc.)?

Is anyone actually thriving? I hope so! Let’s try together. We can get through this.

For me, since I’ve worked from home for many years, it hasn’t been too bad of an adjustment. Well, it comes and goes..Truthfully, I miss my FREEDOM to come and go as I pleased. (Gee, I took that for granted)! But ‘staying put’ with social distancing, avoidng crowds, etc. is hopefully going to be worth it in the long run…right?

Here’s a list of my 10 things I have been doing to ‘survive’ the ‘self-isolation’ ‘shelter in place’ etc. Send me your ideas as well!

  1. Spring cleaning – have cleaned out several bathroom, bedroom, office and ‘junk’ drawers and have discovered a few great finds!
  2. Taking walks (and deep breaths) in the neighborhood and in nature (as rules allow) – getting those steps! Noticing that Spring upon us despite the gloom of this pandemic.
  3. Cooking more (and eating a bit healthier)! For the past few years, I’ll admit I wasn’t cooking as much. It’s actually been fun and sort of a puzzle to plan meals lately depending on how the stores stocked (or as we now it…unstocked).
  4. Online learning: Have taken several courses online for my obtaining continuing education credits. Have you thought of online courses?
  5. Reading manuscripts and books of my client authors and other new books.
  6. Calling/Connecting with important family members or others in your life via calls, emails, texts, social media, etc. (you wouldn’t believe how gratifying it is to reconnect with friends from the past or to stay in touch with family across the miles)!
  7. Cherishing family (near or far) and our time together… Maintaining physical distancing while cherishing our families!
  8. Adoring pets…we love our cat (you wouldn’t believe how calming it is to spend time with our 21 year old lovable, tuxedocat – such a social comforting feline)!
  9. Writing! I have been submitting my poetry online, adding some blog posts, interacting online, looking for podcast and blog interviews for clients as well as for SJF Communications.
  10. Reflecting and making choices for being: more…and patient.

How about you? What are your ‘go-to’s’? Let’s hang in there and check in with each other. We’re all worth it!

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