Haiku for Two at the Julian Branch Library

Susan J. Farese of SJF Communications taught her 2 hour SJF Communications “Capturing Your Creativity with Haiku” workshop on May 24th at the Julian Branch Library. Many thanks to Josh Mitchell, Branch Manager and Friends of the Julian Library for hosting the workshop.

Mark was a solo attendee that day, and we made the best of it!

We began with an interactive fun ice breaker. After introductions and a review of her published work (with Haiku and other forms of poetry), Susan taught her Power Point presentation about writing Haiku and shared nature photography, including several photos of roses and flowers, plus other nature photos as prompts to encourage Haiku writing. We practiced writing Haiku and had the opportunity to share our work. It was a great discussion and we equally had so much to say about the creative process and the parallels with Haiku poetry and visual arts.

Here is a glimpse of us, along with the photo prompts and written Haiku for the afternoon.

Moon Rise and Yellow Traffic Light
(Photo by Susan J. Farese)

Rings of Gold 

electric yellow

round, in a black box says slow

in sunlit moonrise

– Mark

Moonrise/Yellow Light

Moon rose to the east

Yellow traffic light appeared



Pacific Highlands Ranch Trail
(Photo by Susan J. Farese)

Earth and Sky

dusty clay stretches

around a corner….fading

cool clouds pressing down


Mysterious Orange Flower
(Photo by Susan J. Farese)

Mysterious Orange Flower

Orange yellow hues

Veinlike markings encircle

A bursting flower


Bench at Santee Lakes
(Photo by Susan J. Farese)

Bench at Santee Lakes

Bench solitude

Lonely, uninhabited

Summer pause, sit down!


Blooming Jacarandas in May
(Photo by Susan J. Farese)

Blooming Jacarandas in May

Hues of violet

Lilac-blue and trumpet-shaped

Jacaranda tree!

A late Spring bloomer

Colorful, urban flower

Bravely blooms with awe


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