'Your Vitamins Are Obsolete" by Sheldon Blake Zablow, MD.

Q & A: Sheldon Blake Zablow, M.D., Author, “Your Vitamins Are Obsolete” and Susan J. Farese, SJF Communications

SJF Communications is thrilled to introduce our PR Client, Dr. Sheldon Blake Zablow, Nutritional Psychiatrist of San Diego. Dr. Zablow recently launched his new Amazon bestseller non-fiction book Your Vitamins Are Obsolete: The Vitamer Revolution: A Program for Healthy Living and Healthy Longevity (Hybrid Global Publishing).

First, some information about Dr. Zablow’s book, followed by our Q & A

Summary of “Your Vitamins Are Obsolete”

By Sheldon Blake Zablow, M.D.

Did you know the synthetic B-vitamins found in supplements cannot be absorbed well or easily converted into the bioactive forms our cells actually use? Even other vitamins can’t work well if there is not enough of the naturally occurring B forms called vitamers. For example, without B vitamers, taking vitamin D won’t prevent osteoporosis. Learn how the naturally occurring vitamers DO work and Why, and start on your pathway to healthy living and longevity today!

Your Vitamins are Obsolete explains:

Why vitamer B deficiencies make your vaccines less effective.

How taking B vitamers assists vegans and vegetarians in maximizing their dietary benefits, in some cases even increasing fertility.

Why regular use of B vitamers can decrease your appetite for red meat, promoting personal and environmental health.

How including B vitamers in your diet reduces chronic inflammation, leading to improved health and longevity.

Q & A: Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN, SJF Communications and Sheldon Blake Zablow, M.D., Nutritional Psychiatrist and Author

Sheldon B. Zablow, M.D.

SJF: Why/How did you decide to write Your Vitamins Are Obsolete?

SBZ: I prescribed the bioactive forms of B12 and folate to a very sick patient and she immediately got well. I had no idea why, so I started the research to find out how her body chemistry improved.

SJF: Did you make any personal discoveries (or aha moments) while researching the book? If so, please explain.

SBZ: Two moments. First was that as physicians, we were misinformed that the body can store water soluble B vitamins. The second was that there is a connection between a deficiency of these B vitamins and the onset of chronic inflammation that leads to most illnesses.

SJF: How did you decide on the title Your Vitamins Are Obsolete and decide to find a publishing company vs self-publishing?

SBZ: I choose this title to specifically summarize the book—all our multivitamin supplements have not kept up with the changes in our processed food and the pollutants that now surround us. I actually chose a hybrid publisher so a lot of it has been self-published in the sense that I had to do all the re-writes and organizing the pictures.

SJF: Tell us about your background that led to you discovering the association with Vitamin B-12 and folate deficiencies leading to inflammation and ultimately a variety of diseases 

SBZ: My background is as an adult and child psychiatrist which means I see a lot of people with mental and physical problems. When I started prescribing these vitamins, the patients started reporting a reduction in their symptoms that were consistent with a reduction in their inflammation levels.

SJF: What is your role as a Nutritional Psychiatrist?

SBZ: This is a new area of medicine. It can be defined as using food, supplements, vitamins, exercise, meditation, etc. in conjunction with standard psychiatric medications to optimize the potential of the treatment to reduce both mental and physical challenges. 

SJF Tell us about your upbringing, geographically, personally etc.

SBZ: I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia and attended college and medical school at the University of Virginia. I had never really been out of Virginia until I started my medical training in Atlanta and then moved on to Boston. I had an older brother that served in the military as did my father. My mother worked as an administrator and my father ran a small furniture store.

SJF: If you had to write the book over again, would you change anything?

SBZ: I would include the information I’ve put on my website about the connection between COVID and a deficiency of the B vitamins that can worsen outcomes.

SJF: A brief history of your education, professor positions/teaching appointments published articles, etc.

SBZ: I went to the University of Virginia for undergraduate and medical school, then moved on to Emory University for an internship in pediatrics. From there I went to Boston University for Adult Psychiatry training and then onto Boston Children’s Hospital to study Child Psychiatry through Harvard Medical School. Since moving to San Diego in 1982 I have volunteered as an instructor of Child Psychiatry at UCSD and have received two teaching awards.

SJF: What are your personal pastimes/hobbies/interests/passions?

SBZ: I have always enjoyed teaching and patient education opportunities through talks and writing. Years ago, I taught judo and wrestling but the more my body complained, the more I turned toward daily walks, weight resistance training and passive stretching. My passion is science and learning about new discoveries in any field.  

SJF: Anything you’d like to mention about “Your Vitamins Are Obsolete“?

SBZ: It reviews some complex biology in less complex ways. I tell people that it is hard to hit the right balance when explaining but they should approach the book with the idea that they do not have to read every word to understand the basics.

SJF: Any recommendations for us to journal or document what we are going through with Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic? Stress management tools? 

SBZ: The most important action that I mention in the book is to use your entire stress reduction toolbox which consists of  exercise, proper diet, proper sleep hygiene, relaxation therapy, psychotherapy (when indicated), prescribed medication (when indicated), supplements and of course B vitamins. The more stress the more you use the tools you have.

SJF: How has the Covid-19 affected you personally/professionally?

SBZ: I had a bad heart attack several years ago that puts me into a high-risk category so I have been following the basic advice of always wearing a mask, distancing and isolating as I can. I have also been trying to perfect my mother’s Toll House cookie recipe.

SJF: Role models or persons that inspire you in your life?

SBZ: My hero is Janusz Korczak (pediatrician/child psychiatrist) who was the Dr. Seuss of Europe and medical director of orphanages before he volunteered to run the orphanage in the Warsaw Ghetto. He was martyred along with all his children.

SJF: Favorite quotes

SBZ: From the book: “Homo sapiens: a tiny twig on an improbable branch of a contingent limb on a fortunate tree.” Stephen Jay Gould

SJF: Who (celebrity)  would you like to have lunch or dinner with to discuss your book?

SBZ: Arianna Huffington because of her interest in natural ways to improve mental and physical performance and how this can benefit the world.

SJF: Life hurdles? Successes?

SBZ: The main hurdles for me are the same as for others with the premature loss of a loved one (my brother through medical misdiagnosis) and health challenges (a near-fatal heart attack at 59 years). My successes have been the return of mental health in my patients after long hard work by both of us.

SJF: Three significant/pivotal moments in your life?

SBZ: The first two are above and the third is missing a plane flight that ended in the death of most of its passengers.

SJF: Fears?

SBZ: The only one that comes to mind is a fear of mandolin slicers. I have to wear a cut resistance glove and insist that anyone who uses one around me needs to also.

SJF: Recurring dreams/ Usual dreams?

SBZ: I am a very heavy sleeper, so I don’t remember my dreams other than the death- resolution dreams that have occurred after the losses of a loved one.

SJF: Strongest asset? What would you like to work on/improve?

SBZ: My strongest asset is my ability to focus forward when stresses increase. I have to work harder on not letting the focus forwarding make me miss out on the here and now.

SJF: Where/how do you ‘give back’ to your community/communities?

SBZ: I give back through my work with my patients by helping them improve their communication skills with the people in their lives and by teaching and writing about science, nutritional psychiatry, and parenting.

SJF: Any regrets in life?

SBZ: I never got that screenplay produced and I have not made it to Japan yet.

SJF: What qualities should the younger generations aspire to that you think are important in this day and age?

SBZ: Life is a process and to make the most of it, try to make choices that give you more choices while keeping in mind that most choices are not right or wrong – just different directions to go.

SJF: Funny/humorous (appropriate) stories (Psychiatry? Medical stories, etc)?

SBZ: I was talking to a father about his son’s school performance and he said his son could do better because high intelligence runs in the family. He said that many of his relatives were members of that high IQ organization—Menses.

SJF: Funny! and PUNNY too!

SJF: How do you handle loss?

SBZ: I turn toward those that know me the best and love me as I am with all my limitations.

SJF: Where have you traveled and where would you like to travel once Covid-19 is OVER??? 

SBZ: Any place in Japan.

SJF: Many thanks Dr. Zablow.

Dr. Zablow’s WEBSITE: https://sheldonzablowmd.com/

Book Details:

Amazon: Paperback: https://www.amzn.com/dp/194818186X

ISBN-13 : 978-1948181860

Amazon eBook: https://www.amzn.com/dp/B08KWJPW7W


Barnes & Noble Paperback: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/your-vitamins-are-obsolete-sheldon-zablow/1137723903?ean=9781948181860

Indiebound: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781948181860

Bookshop: https://bookshop.org/books/your-vitamins-are-obsolete-the-vitamer-revolution-a-program-for-healthy-living-and-healthy-longevity/9781948181860

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sheldonzablowmd

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheldon-zablow-md-b3a3911b0/

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