Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN Joins Alz Authors – Blog Post 2/22/2022 is Featured

On February 22, 2022, Susan became a proud member of Alz Authors, having her blog post featured along with Founding Member Marianne Sciucco, RN on the Alz Authors website.

Susan J. Farese, Author of POETIC EXPRESSIONS IN NURSING: SHARING THE CARING and Member of Alz Authors

CLICK to read the blog post: Susan J. Farese Reflects on Alzheimer’s and Nursing in Poetry

Alz Authors is a phenomenal global community of over 300 vetted authors writing about the dementias. Their goal is to raise awareness of these diseases and to spotlight carefully vetted books and blogs recommended for caregivers and others looking for knowledge and support. Each week they feature a new author/blogger on their blog and also have a podcast which features Alz Authors. For more information and resources, please visit, the Alz Authors Bookstore, the Alz Authors Podcast, Alz Authors Helpful Sites, and the Alz Author’s Blog.

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2 thoughts on “Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN Joins Alz Authors – Blog Post 2/22/2022 is Featured

  1. Susan, bless you for writing about Alzheimer’s disease. I don’t know how recent this is but the more information that can get out about this horrible disease the better. Diane watched her grand mother and mother (for whom she was responsible) go through this horrible deterioration day after day. We were with her for the 48 hours before she died. Now her sister is showing signs of early deterioration, while her brother in law is failing from something else and requires 24-hour care, which Diane’s sister has been providing. As a result, her sister ended up in the hospital for 2-1/2 days. Now they are looking for a care facility for him. The only option appears to be a very unkempt place. It’s all bad. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your work and your concern. Martie

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