A Visit to a Ghost Town: Calico, CA

We had a delightful day trip on January 7th 2019 to visit the Calico Ghost Town (Yermo, CA) a former silver mining town in the Mojave Desert.

Here’s a short video with a photo montage by SJF Communications and some added music by ‘Shake That Little Foot‘ and ‘Scott Holmes

We had lunch at the Calico House Restaurant (complete with being allowed to throw opened peanut shells on the floor), visited Maggie’s Mine, the Calico Odessa Railroad, the Mystery Shack, and several shops! We didn’t get a chance to do any panning for minerals, stay overnight in a cabin, visit the cemetery, or take a gander inside the old Calico schoolhouse.

However, it was truly a fun, educational and memorable day.

The address for Calico Ghost Town is:

36600 Ghost Town Road, Yermo, CA 92398

Fees and more info at:



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