Happy National Nurses Week – May 6 -12, 2022!

Time has flown since the late 1970’s when I proudly received my Nursing “cap” and “pin” at the Nightingale Ceremony at Widener University and graduating as an RN with my BSN – flashing forward eight years later when I received my Masters in Nursing at Seton Hall University! A lifetime ago, but still in my heart.

Since it is National Nurses Week May 6-12, 2022, I would like to recognize nurses and applaud them for all they do!!!

BRAVO!!!!! A heartfelt THANK YOU!

My nursing career is quite diversified. In nursing, I have worked in a variety of military and civilian clinical nursing roles (med-surg, intensive care, emergency room, recovery room, orthopedic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery step- down) as well as in nursing education/staff development, administration, research and consulting and coaching/mentoring roles.

Although I am in public relations now, I stay licensed as an RN and update my license every two years with mandatory continuing education.

I also still utilize my “nursing process” when working with my PR clients – I assess, plan, implement and evaluate. I use my keen intuition and “knowing”. I make “rounds” whether in person, in the media, on the internet, etc. I am vigilant with each client to provide personalized “care” for their publicity plan and needs.

Nursing, though, remains in my heart!

The pandemic certainly has made nurses very stressed, overworked, anxious, depressed, suffering burnout, PTSD and more. Nurses give (and give) and yet are human as well and have a major need for validation, respect, encouragement and they also need to spend time on their own self care.

Nurses also need credible focused media attention – to educate the media, politicians, health care interdisciplinary colleagues and the general public! (This is one of my passions – to recognize as well as strengthen the inclusion of and positive image of nursing in the media)!

That’s one of the reasons why I published the 2nd edition of Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring in 2021. Pouring my heart out in poetry is just one creative, therapeutic, cathartic avenue to share my stories as a seasoned nurse.

I sincerely also hope that nurses find their creative passion – whether it is a visual art, writing/journaling, cooking, exercise, comedy, photography, theatre, filmmaking, crafting, etc. – get the picture???

If you are a nurse or know a nurse in your family, circle of friends or community etc., please THANK them especially this day, week, month (and forever).

As I mention in my poem “A Formula for Success” –

“When it’s all said and done, there’s no profession as diverse,

as the ART and the SCIENCE of being a NURSE”!

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In closing, here are two poems from my book Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring, originally published in 1993!:


Nurses Unite!
Let's show the world in all its entirety
Our uniqueness, our strength

Let's proclaim our vision
And lifetime mission;
To foster health and wellness
on the reality continuum

Let's boast that it is us who can reform health!
With our own
Body of knowledge,
Empowerment and self-governance ...

We are not the Handmaidens
Angels of mercy
as portrayed on the latest greeting card
or daytime soap opera or evening sitcom...

I dare us to show the world
the unparalleled significant differences
we've made in leaps and bounds...
For years and years

Let's share our compassion, empathy, humor, innovation,
how we love life and support each other

Nurses, I dare us
to unite!!!


Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN
Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring (2021)


Let's open up our hearts and share the caring 
Merge visions, ink and syllables so daring...
Life's fragile, short and sweet, 
Grasp rhythm, pace, and beat
Catharsis of emotions we've been wearing.

We've seen it all, the panic, pain, and fears 
Of newborns to centenarians in years
From birth to life's demise 
Our "knowing" makes us wise
Yet…Prose as catalyst releases tears...

Brave and famous poets we need not be 
but writing from the heart, that sets us free 
Through poems we tell our stories
Share pain, grief, caring, glories 
Regardless of our nursing specialty.

No need to build the walls to hide 
The memories we've buried deep inside
It's good to let it go, allowing words to flow
Stand back and let the power be your guide.


Susan J. Farese, MSN, RN
Poetic Expressions in Nursing: Sharing the Caring (2021)

Over the past year, since the book was published I have been having such a wonderful time doing interviews and author events and thank everyone for their support, including purchases and reviews!

Purchase the book here, online, or at your local independent store!

Proud to be an #AlzAuthor

Happy National Nurses Week!

All the best,


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5 thoughts on “Happy National Nurses Week – May 6 -12, 2022!

  1. Happy Nurses’ Week to you, and thanks for thinking of me. We worked some of the same areas. Maybe some day we will have time to talk. Since I will be 80 next month I let my license go inactive, but I will always be a Nurse! You know the feeling! All the best, Martie Rader

  2. You ALWAYS say it so well Susan. What amazing careers in nursing we both have had. My life is so enriched from the amazing people I worked with and those I had the honor to care for.

    1. Yes, our patients enrich us and become a part of us and our journeys through life!

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