We Captured Our Creativity With Haiku!


Susan J. Farese, SJF Communications

Eight women attended our 2 hour SJF Communications Haiku workshop ‘Capturing Your Creativity With Haiku’ on January 18th, 2020 at the Poway Community Library.

We began with an interactive fun ‘ice-breaker’ – getting to know each other a bit more. Next, after introductions and a review of my work with poetry, I taught my Power Point presentation about writing Haiku and shared several of my nature photography and other photos as prompts to encourage Haiku writing. Everyone practiced writing Haiku and finally we had the opportunity to share our work. It was a delightful time with such a lovely group of creative empowered women!

Here’s a glimpse of our enlightened attendees along with photo prompts and written Haiku from that day! I also contributed a few!

Workshop leader/presenter Susan J. Farese with attendees
(Back Row): Grace, Karen, Karla, Ninon, Laurie and Cheran; (Front Row): Kathy and Xochih.
1. Tahquitz Canyon Waterfall
Photo by Susan J. Farese

Water tumbles down

forest leaves reach for the ground

a cool pool, respite.


Waterfall rushing

thundering sound breaks silence

in awe of nature


2. Bench at Santee Lakes
Photo by Susan J. Farese

A bench welcomes me-

have a seat and rest yourself

just breathe in and out


A bench beckons you

verdant grass and flowing

rest and contemplate


Our summer is gone

and no one is sitting here

on the lonely bench

And in Japanese:




Watashitachi no natsu wa sarimashita soshite dare mo koko ni suwatte imasen kodokuna benchi de


3. Moon Rise and Yellow Traffic Light
Photo by Susan J. Farese

A long day has passed

amidst the busy hustle

the bright moon greets me


When I’m coming home

showing the same shape as moon

the yellow signal!

And in Japanese




Ie ni kaeru toki tsuki to onaji katachi o shimesu kiiro no shingō!


All of a sudden

moon rose, traffic light yellow-



4. Anna’s Hummingbird Feasting
Photo by Susan J. Farese

Little hummer sits

head bent prayerfully drinking-

a blessed moment!


5. Torrey Pines State Beach
Photo by Susan J. Farese

Earth and ocean meet

waves crash and rocks tumble down

the clouds bear witness


6. Great White Egret at Santee Lakes
Photo by Susan J. Farese

The water glistened

fanned plumage captivating!

Great White Egret soared!


Legs stretched, beak pointed

wings forming mushroom bellows

ready to take flight


Very beautiful

the open wings are such fun

The Great White Egret

And in Japanese:




Hijō ni utsukushī aita tsubasa wa totemo tanoshī shiro eg tori


7. Autumn
Photo Credit: Unknown

Crimson foliage

flutters from the azure sky

float on silent lakes.


Beautiful red leaves

showing us their reflection

on an Autumn lake

And in Japanese:




Utsukushī kōyō karera no hansha o misete akinoumi de


8. Two Egrets at Torrey Pines State Beach
Photo by Susan J. Farese

Birds stop for a chat

beaks greeting in warm friendship

Oh glorious morn!

9. Trail at Pacific Highlands Ranch, Carmel Valley, San Diego
Photo by Susan J. Farese

Beginning right now

feeling earth beneath my feet

starting my journey


10. Sunset Cliffs
Photo by Susan J. Farese

Jagged rocky edge

salty waves roll in and out

cares ride on the waves


The waves foaming white

rocks sure of their position

jutting out to sea


The Oceans spirit

awakens my soul and heart-

quiets my deep pain


Rigid and solid

stone is no match for water-

time transforms all things


11. Joshua Tree Flowers
photo by Susan J. Farese

Purple flowers stand

along the desert valley

embracing simple


Fields of purple blooms

swaying gently in the breeze

Mother Earth awakes!


12. Snow!
Photo credit: Unknown

Snow, ice and water

winter chill invigorates

the body and soul


13. Coachella Valley Preserve – Thousand Palms Oasis McCallum Pond
Photo by Susan J. Farese

A Spring desert hike

path, date palms, oasis pond

delightful surprise!


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