“Susan Farese took me up on being my mentor during my fourth year at SDSU. From the first meeting to the last, she was an intelligent go-getter who immediately wanted to know my goals and how I planned to achieve them. Throughout my mentorship with her, she encouraged me not only in the academic field, but in the personal field as well. She got to know me and learned what made me tick, which helped immensely when classes became difficult. She focused not just on academics but on careers as well. Thanks to her, I was able to intern at the San Diego Zoo as a bus tour guide, which became my current job. She is a fantastic role model and someone I am honored to call my mentor. I wouldn’t have graduated with as much ease nor perseverance without her.”

-Testimonial for SJF Communications via Delaney Heil, Bus Tour Guide at San Diego Zoo Global; SDSU Grad: BA in Journalism and Media Studies, Emphasis in Public Relations, & Mentee, Aztec Mentor Program

Testimonial for SJF Communications via Delaney Heil, Bus Tour Guide (San Diego Zoo Global), Graduate, San Diego State University (SDSU), & Mentee, Aztec Mentor Program