“Susan Farese of SJF Communications was highly recommended to me and she did not disappoint. I was a fledgling author who needed help promoting a first book and had no idea how to proceed. She was patient and kind, guiding me every step of the way of how to  promoting through Amazon and various other book distributors. 

She also wrote and promoted ads on the necessary websites that was of great benefit while posting about the book on her own site.

Susan was always available day or night with promotion ideas and notified me when articles about the book appeared and how to amplify those. As an author herself, she knew exactly how to help me clarify my message.

Her nursing background was especially advantageous since my book was more about science and nutrition.  Susan helped me write copy for my own website, LinkedIn, and Amazon material more clearly and distinctly.

There was an immediate response to the ads she helped place and she was responsive to fine-tuning the ads as we progressed. My followers and media presence increased significantly.

She will make my next book so much easier as I look forward to working with her again”.

Sheldon Zablow, MD

Nutritional psychiatrist/author 

Testimonial for SJF Communications Via Sheldon Zablow, MD, Nutritional Psychiatrist