Caregiver: A Poem


 Dedicated to Caregivers of Dear Ones with

Alzheimer’s, Memory Disorders and Dementia, Past, Present & Future


(I wrote this poem in March, 1993 at the “Caregiver Day” Seminar at The Barrington, a Senior Living/ Assisted Living Facility in Largo Florida and presented it to the audience in honor of Caregivers. I wrote it from the perspective of the Caregiver).



Susan Farese, MSN, RN; SJF Communications 1993

I, your loving Caregiver

Need my own care as well

So I can be your guiding strength

Hearing stories you may tell…


And follow when you wander

And take the lead at times

Answering your many questions

Listening to your words and rhymes…


I, your loving Caregiver

Need time alone for me

To relieve my stress from worry

So your support I can be…


Whether I should write a poem

Or take a bubble bath

Or go to see a movie

Or walk along some path

Or call a friend and chat awhile

Or a big hug receive

Or scream and yell from frustration

(This time I really need)


Please don’t misunderstand me

I wear my green ribbon with pride

You know you’re very special to me

And my love for you I’ll not hide.


Just one more thought I ponder

A wish I will convery

Through all the trials and tribulations, don’t fear…

I remain your Caregiver today…



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