Poetic Expressions: INTUITION

This poem appeared in my 1993 book “Poetic Expressions in Nursing…Sharing the Caring”.

I have strong intuition. Always have…Do you???




by Susan J. Felice Farese, 1993




Please respect your intuition

And acknowledge every hunch

For you will find most certainly

this “preference” is worth a bunch!



It’s that cozy yet dangerous gut feeling

That appears every now and then

You cannot explain this phenomenon

You just know what will happen...and when!



It may be a look in a person’s eye

(Or a sense of impending doom)

Predicting endless possibilities

…It’s the aura inside a room


Whatever it is, be wary and wise

Don’t cast it aside and ignore it…

If you’re gifted with intuition, my friend

Sit back, just relax, and adore it!

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