Sunset and Moon for Kate, October 25, 2015

For Kate


Susan J. Farese, SJF Communications

Tonight we said goodbye to Kate

So fiercely talented, in the know.

Loving Wife, guiding Mom to her daughters

With pen in hand, her words would flow…

She touched many lives in so many ways

by guiding and writing & teaching

A Theatre Mom supporting the arts

Her essence in life so far reaching.

As we left her Memorial Service

An amazing sight was seen

The most brilliant magnificent sunset

With bright light among hues pristine.


In the midst of that glorious sunset

A shining light appeared…as if to say

My friends, I’ll be with you in spirit

Think of me as the sun goes away.


And when we returned home

I peeked at the moon

So bright, full and gleaming with light…


And I pondered, so thankful

For Kate and her life

Touching ours

Dear Kate, Farewell,




Spectacular Sunset!

Sunset 11/25/14 by Susan Farese SJF Communications, 2014

Spectacular Sunset


Susan Farese, SJF Communications

November 25, 2014

A few  thoughts on the absolutely magnificent sunset tonight!


Such a spectacular sunset

At the end of a busy day

How in the world to describe it?

Such vivid colors convey!


The spectrum of hues

A panoramic view

Magnificent, yes,

Chance… to begin anew.


This world needs more glorious sunsets

Especially nowadays

With wars on the rise

Respect out the window

Plus values diminished like haze


The key is to make a difference

By connecting with others we may..

It’s never too late

More patience, less hate

Just gaze at that sunset each day!

Sunset Splendor by Susan Farese SJF Communications 2014
Sunset Splendor by
Susan Farese
SJF Communications 2014