More Hummingbirds: Tiny Magnificent Creatures!

 I continually marvel at hummingbirds...such tiny magnificent magical creatures! Their stunning colorful beauty, their speed, their zest for the "hummingbird life".... It beats watching the news these days. It inspires my creative spirit and hope!  I've  combined some poetry (Haiku), video footage and photographic images just for you!   Hummingbirds: A Haiku: by Susan J. … Continue reading More Hummingbirds: Tiny Magnificent Creatures!

Hummingbirds on the Balcony!

Just another few days mesmerized by hummingbirds who feast on nectar at our San Diego balcony!  What do you think?? Enjoy these photos, feel free to subscribe, share, comment, like etc. and please VOTE at the end of the post! Contact SJF Communications for your photography ! 408-398-5490                     … Continue reading Hummingbirds on the Balcony!